On the 9th of November we celebrate one of the most important days in our calendar: Day of the State Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The Flag Day officially set in 2009 by Azerbaijan’s President was chosen for a good reason. On November 9, 1918, basing on the proposal by Fatali Khan Khoysky, Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) proclaimed earlier the same year, the three-color flag was approved, with a crescent and an eight-pointed star in the center. The ADR lived only up to 1920, but the flag approved at that time - a symbol of independent Azerbaijan - flies above us as before.

Each of the flag’s colors has its meaning: blue symbolizes Turkic freedom, red means progress, and green stands for Islamic culture. The crescent indicates Muslimness, and the eight-pointed star symbolizes eight Turkic nations.

The iconic musician Uzeyir Hadjibekov who composed the melody of the Azerbaijani anthem once wrote, "The Republic of Azerbaijan originated on the basis of the sound national foundation and Turkic identity… At the same time, Azerbaijan was striving to create a new society using the European mentality. The three colors of our flag symbolize all these components".

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