In order to support Barda residents,mobile operator topped up their mobile balance for calls and SMS in all directions

Unfortunately, the provocations and terroristic acts of the Armenian separatists against civilians have not finished amid the growing success of the Azerbaijani army on the front for the liberation of their native lands from the enemy. The deaths and injuries of innocent people as a result of numerous missileshelling on the city of Barda on October 27 and 28shook the whole country.

Azercell provided its support to the residentsof the ancient city of Barda, which is currently under attack, adding 50 minutes of call and 50 SMS to their balance for communication in all directions taking into account that people in Barda are making more phone calls at this time. We hope that it will help to eliminate the communication problems of our citizens in Barda.

It is worth noting that earlier Azercell topped up the mobile balances in all directions for the residents of Ganja accordingly, who have been repeatedly targeted by enemy missiles.

Violence against the civil population of Azerbaijan amid the protracted conflict with Armenia is unacceptable and is considered a war crime. We hope that the world community will not remain indifferent to the Armenian provocations and we believe that our army will respond to the enemy on the battlefield!

May Allah rest in peace the souls of all our martyrs.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!