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A mere glance at GrandNew parked at a heliport, its raptorial, shark-shaped silhouette suggests that this must be a high-speed vehicle. GrandNew is a recognized leader among light twin-engine rotocrafts built by Leonardo Helicopters, an Italian company formerly known as AgustaWestland.
Widely used in Europe, this helicopter has proved to be a safe and reliable "business-assistant". Now it is successfully conquering Azerbaijan.
GrandNew represents the legendary 109 family and is considered to be a multipurpose helicopter. Powered by a pair of engines, it remains relatively light and boasts enhanced safety characteristics. It covers longer distances and gains higher speed, for example, it can fly 800 km making 289 km per hour. In other words, it can take off from Baku and quickly reach remote cities, such as Ashkhabad, Tbilisi, Teheran, without landing.
This helicopter is a model of reliability. It is equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines rated at 1500 hp and run by a complex system – full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) that guarantees secure flight in any weather conditions. As a multifunctional rotocraft, GrandNew is capable to fulfill a wide range of tasks: it can be used in hard to reach locations inaccessible by planes or other means of transportation: in Arctic regions, in the deserts, and (which is especially important) in the highlands or seas.


The designers did their best to apply advanced technologies. Thus, digital avionics, as well as a new navigation system, based on dual Flight Management System (FMS) were installed in the cockpit. High stability in hover mode and unique capability of flying with one working engine make GrandNew an irreplaceable tool for air surveys or attendance of wind-driven electric generating plants in the sea.
The spacious cabin is flexibly designed and can be easily re-configured to adapt the helicopter for various special missions: passenger or cargo transportation, patrolling the territory, attending sea-based oil-platforms, search-and-rescue operations, firefighting, and medical evacuation. By the way, 29 GrandNew helicopters equipped for casualty evacuation are already helping to save human lives, being used for medical missions in different parts of the world.
The owner of a GrandNew would be supported by the world-wide network of representatives of the manufacturer, including engineers and technicians. Repair and maintenance are available in different countries through a number of service centers and spare part stores.
A special training course was developed to teach the pilots how to run the rotocraft. They can master effective flying skills using high-tech level D flight simulators.
Safety, comfort and style are GrandNew’s inimitable features. The VIP-version has a roomy and elegant cabin with big windows so that passengers could enjoy sightseeing. Those who search for a light and fast vehicle for business purposes would hardly resist the charm of this helicopter and would definitely feel secure and protected flying it.

Anna Nazarova

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