For being part of the campaign "New Year with the Gifts" the clients placing insured deposits in Atabank OJSC have only 4 days
60 Iphones 7 and other valuable prizes were awarded to the customers placed deposits in AtaBank OJSC within the campaign till today.
The following prizes will be given to the customers placed deposits in AtaBank OJSC: İphone 7 (128 GB), İphone 7 (32GB), rest, sport and treatment packages in hotels Excelsior Hotel, Chinar Hotel & SPA, Excelsior Hotel Shamkir, Qalaaltı Hotel & SPA.
Only individuals can participate in a campaign that will continue till December 30, the last working day of 2016.
For detailed information please call 136.
Being member of the Deposit Insurance Fund since 30.07.2007 AtaBank OJSC announces that in accordance with the state law "On deposit insurance" all deposits in AtaBank OJSC irrespective of the amount are fully insured for 3 (three) years.

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