image1We know that each story has a node. How do people set meaningful goals and then struggle to reach them? What is their motivation? Where do they find power resources to help them overcome difficulties and keep moving forward? How do they develop their life strategies? Each success story is unique, but are there any certain laws and patterns behind them?

These questions were offered by We & WE magazine reporters to Vuqar Pashayev, Kapital Bank Branch Director in Ganja.

Our first meeting was relaxed and informal. We drank Ganjian tea and discussed both business issues and casual events. The talk dealt with lessons that life teaches a man through the obstacles he has to overcome. We were amazed how open Vuqar muallim was. He appeared to be an enthusiastic, optimistic, and kind person.

So how did this man of success start his life journey?

Vuqar Pashayev was born in Ganja and went to school there. Then he entered Azerbaijan State Agricultural University and got a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in veterinary medicine. In 2006 he got a second diploma - in agricultural economics and management.

He started his career as an ordinary salesman. In 1998 he joint Procter&Gamble and moved up the job ladder: from the positions of a driver and shipping agent to a supervisor. In 2000-2007 he worked as a credit manager at World Vision USA. In 2007 he was appointed Deputy Branch Director of RabitaBank. From 2010 till now he holds the post of Kapital Bank Branch Director in Ganja.

The picture is completed by a close and lovely family: Vuqar has got a beautiful wife Zafira (English teacher) and three wonderful kids: Nilufyar, Yavyar and Nigyar.

Obviously, Vuqar had a clear vision of his goal as he was walking through life. He was self-confident and never gave up. During our second meeting we had a chance to find out more about his life principles and asked him to share the secret of success.

How did you reach success?

Vugar Pashayev-min

I didn't look for shortcuts, I was just moving on. I didn’t try to find fault with anyone or anything, I followed my destiny. There is a saying: "Diligence is a mother of success." It is my slogan. Diligence is closely related to faith. If one believes in himself and in what he is doing, he would work diligently. Only if you enjoy working, your labor would be fruitful and your life would be satisfying. I also believe that one should learn lessons from experience to avoid repeating the same mistakes. I have learnt that while growing up and playing in the streets of my town. Another useful rule states that one should never look behind. Leave your past there, look for new things ahead.

I am always trying to be fair. This quality is very important. There are no people who are much better or worse than you, all of us are equal. Doors of my office are always open. I’m ready to talk to any visitor and to help with any problem. Rules are set by the executives. As a top-manager I must make it my first priority. Then my employees will start applying the same approach. The staff would work as a close team and all the clients would be happy. Transparency of our operations and prioritizing clients’ interest are two of my main business rules.

You’ve mentioned that rules are set by the executives. What are the values that the top-management of your bank shares?

We value honesty and hard work. Money and power don’t make much difference. Hard and diligent work is what really matters. It is rewarding and, at the same, time it binds you with high responsibility. I do my best to meet the expectations of the people. I’m responsible for what I’m doing and do not delegate this responsibility to anyone else.

Kapital Bank is known for its high standards of client service. It is important for the whole staff to understand and to share the values that are proclaimed by senior executives. The key values for all the Kapital Bank employees are transparency, honesty, service quality, efficiency, cooperation and creative spirit.

Who, in your opinion, can be called successful?

The one who is happy. Accept good luck openly and with a smile. Money has nothing to do with joy. A self-sufficient man may not be wealthy at all.

Can you name a well-known person whom you consider to be an example of success?

My answer is predictable: Heydar Aliyev. I admire his strong will and sense of purpose. He had gone through many trials but didn’t give up. He managed to become a leader of the nation and a role model for thousands of people.

How did you resolve difficult situations in your life?

I’ve experienced serious pressure and opposition of some people, but that hasn’t changed me. It is crucial always to remain who you really are, to follow your principles regardless of the circumstances, to believe in yourself and in what you are doing.

What would you advise young people?

Don’t focus on hardships, keep moving, discover your destination. The whole life lays ahead of you and you are capable to make difference in it. But all actions must be inspired by sincere motives. And don’t look for excuses, complaining that you lack good protection or finances for developing your career.

By Sabina Ragimova, Maksud Gunbay

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